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A Sustainable Mobility Index

for Rural Towns in Ireland’s Western Region

The Western Development Commission (WDC) has developed a Sustainable Mobility Index for 35 rural towns in its seven county Western Region.   Better understanding of active modes and public transport in a rural context is an overall objective of this Sustainable Mobility Index.  This reflects the shift in transport policy to more sustainable travel, with a particular focus on public transport and active travel (cycling and walking) and the necessity of reducing carbon emissions from personal transport.

The WDC Sustainable Mobility Index (SMI 2022) is made up of 30 indicators covering different modes, infrastructures, and services for people in the 35 towns.  It sets a baseline for current mobility options, services, and infrastructure and will be updated regularly in future years.

Download The WDC  Sustainable Mobility Index Full Report

(PDF 15 MB)

Download The WDC Sustainable Mobility Index Summary in English

(PDF 580 kb)

Download The WDC Sustainable Mobility Index Summary as Gaeilge

(PDF 580 kb)

Mode of Travel infographic

Report Structure

This Report has been divided into three parts for ease of use.

Part 1 (Full Report) provides background to the work, to the Western Region and to the Mobility Index.  This includes an overview and explanation of the method, and a brief analysis of the results.

If you are interested in a particular indicator or mode, Part 2 has a page on each indicator giving the definition and source for the indicator as well as more information about the data used, and the results for each town for that indicator.

Download Part 2

 (PDF 5 MB)

If you are interested in a particular town, then turn to Part 3.  This has a two-page spread for each town (in alphabetical order) showing Mobility Index results and contextual indicators for the town. Part 3 also gives the contextual data and results for each of the 35 towns.

Download Part 3

(PDF 7.5 MB)

If you want to understand more about the development of the Western Development Commission’s Sustainable Mobility Index 2022 for Rural Towns download the full report.

Download Full Report

(PDF 15 MB)

Individual Town Information

Mode of Travel Infographic

Information for each town is available individually (each is a PDF 500 KB approx). Population and other data is from Census 2016. A full list of sources is in Appendix 3 of the main report.