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For over twenty years, the Western Development commission has been practicing and promoting the benefits of remote working.

In 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, we started to examine remote working from a research framework, in collaboration with the University of Galway. This was prompted by a renewed interest in the practice largely driven by the need to retain talent, improving technology, the move to a low carbon economy plus regional and rural development.

What began as an exploration, evolved into what has now become an annual study that informs national policysuch is the importance of these National Remote Working Surveys.

Below you will find the reports and infographics of results, mapping the evolution of a remote-working economy in Ireland.

Western Development Commission and University of Galway National Remote Working Surveys

The National Remote Working Surveys examine national attitudes to remote working.

2023 Annual Remote Work Survey

Remote Work Infographic 2022-2023

 2022 Annual Remote Work Survey 

Remote Work Infographic 2021-2022

Remote Work Infographic 2020-2021

2021 Annual Remote Work Survey

2020 Annual Remote Work Survey

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