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WDC Statement of Strategy ‘Work Smarter, Live Better’ 2019 – 2024

Having led the way in developing investment, regional development and policy, such as the promotion of remote working and the Creative Economy, the 2019 strategy was an opportunity to reflect and develop the dynamic environment in which we operate.

To build a resilient region, in the face of Brexit and Climate Change, the strategy is a living document that is sufficiently dynamic to recognise and engage with these and other external challenges. Having consulted widely, we published the ‘Work Smarter, Live Better’ five-year strategy, an ambitious statement of intent to bring bold ideas to life, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our three strategic themes:

Regional Promotion. We will promote the Western Region, telling the story of this unique place and its incredible people both at home and abroad.

Regional Leadership. We will be leaders – seeking to bring bold ideas to life, seeking, securing and delivering national, regional and EU policies and programmes.

Sustainable Enterprise. We will build a platform for the future, building on the world-class strengths and capacity in the region, while drawing on our unique culture, history and landscape. We have a vision for a sustainable future – sustaining our people, our place, and our culture.

Download our most recent Strategy Document – EN

Download our most recent Strategy Document – GA