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European Projects

The Western Development Commission offers our Region unparalleled access to strategic, cohesive EU funded projects which has led to real change in sectors such as the creative economy, Renewable energy, niche tourism and business development.

Impact of EU Projects on our region


Almost €24 M in total EU Project value brought to the Region


Regional SME's supported through EU projects


New products innovated with EU partners in the Region


Publications to support growth in key regional sectors

By enabling the businesses and communities to access international expertise and finance the WDC has delivered a significant advantage to the West of Ireland region.

Since 2009 we have worked on 13 projects, valued at more than €26,774,414, with over 50 European partners. These projects have supported hundreds of regional jobs with 391 SME’s directly supported here in Irelands West.

We have collaborated with partners from Northern Ireland, UK and Scotland, Nordic Countries and other EU countries such as Greece, Germany and Italy. These projects are bespoke and are developed by experts in their relevant fields to enhance the regions and countries economic and social opportunities.

More importantly these efforts have supported the delivery of 21 new products through innovation and transnational collaboration which in turn have supported the growth of key emerging areas such as the regional creative economy (which has grown in value to over €700 M), Renewable energy and the green economy.

Currently we are involved 6 initiatives in the areas of Creative Economy, Niche tourism, Blue economy and SME mentoring , all areas of high potential for the region in the coming years.

Our Project Team

How we help

We develop, pilot and support projects with partners from all over Europe.