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Project Description

UnicornQuest seeks to counter the tech company exodus from Europe through the establishment of “Small Valleys” as experimental start-up zones. These valleys are envisioned as nurturing environments for start-ups, providing them with the resources and support they need to grow and thrive within Europe. The project is centered around the development, sharing, and replication of effective policy tools that are designed to attract and retain tech companies in these valleys.

Project Information

Project Duration: 01.03.2023 - 31.05.2027
Funded By: Interreg Europe
Project Coordinator: Science and Technology Park of Alentejo
Partners: Western Development Commission, Science and Technology Park of Alentejo, North-West Regional Development Agency, Slovak Innovation and Energy, WestBIC, Friesland Foundation, Liguria Region, Zemgale Planning Region, Pannon Business Network Association, Hauts-de-France Regional Council, EuraTechnologies, San Telmo Business School

Project Actions

  • Designing Policy Tools: The project involves the creation of policy tools that are tailored to attract and retain tech companies in Europe.
  • Sharing Best Practices: UnicornQuest is focused on sharing effective strategies and policy tools among participating regions.
  • Replicating Success: The project aims to replicate successful policy tools in different regions, adapting them as necessary to local contexts.
17 members of the Unicorn Quest team pose for a group photo
The international consortium of 12 institutions coming from European regions of Ireland, Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, France and Spain met on 09/05/2023 in #Évora, Portugal to launch the cooperation in the frame of #UnicornQuest

Project Results

UnicornQuest aspires to establish a sustainable and conducive ecosystem for tech companies within Europe. By implementing and refining policy tools, the project aims to create attractive and supportive environments, known as “Small Valleys,” for start-ups and tech companies. The ultimate objective is to retain high-potential companies within Europe, thereby contributing to economic growth, innovation, and competitiveness on a continental scale.

Project Funders

Interreg Logo Northern Periphery and Arctic

Project Contacts

The lead project partner for UnicornQuest is the Science and Technology Park of Alentejo.

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