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There’s More to Life in the West of Ireland

Whether the dream is catching a wave, snagging a fulfilling career or just looking for, well, more to life, the West of Ireland is alive with unexpectedly rich options.

Every county in the Western region has special and unique attractions, offering a depth and balance to life that people living in busier urban centres often struggle to attain.

Living in the West of Ireland is a highly viable option. It offers a priceless feeling – a feeling of wellbeing, of being more rooted and more connected. It’s a feeling that there is indeed more to life and it’s all here to be lived and experienced.

You can enjoy all of the old history and heritage, you can wander and roam and see the dry stone walls and drive the famous N17.

But so too can you drive the new M17 motorway from Tuam in the North of Galway, to the southern fringes of Limerick city – a first-class route for an Atlantic Economic Corrridor (AEC) that is developing at pace and scale.

A connected spine is emerging along the western Atlantic Coast, from the digital hubs in Co Clare to co-working spaces in very north of Co Donegal, as well as clusters of multinationals and successful indigenous companies all looking to hire great talent.

Big changes to the way we all work in recent times also mean big changes in the way we all live. That’s why more and more people are looking to the West of Ireland and the counties along the Atlantic Economic Corridor as chance to begin a new life.

Our Western counties offer more to life. They offer you what matters.

They offer affordable housing and lower childcare prices. They offer top-class career options and new ways of working. They offer the opportunities that you and your family deserve. Check out our county guides HERE