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Our Vision

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Our  vision is to develop the West as innovation region with global links and recognition. A key part of our strategy is to support the implementation of the National Policy on Social Enterprise Policy – National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2019-2022 ( and continue to lend to social enterprises in the region. To achieve this, we will

  • Promote social enterprise across the region and work with others to build capacity and strengthen the ecosystem.
  • Support companies to identify services and skills and support innovation projects that deliver a real social Impact.
  • Capitalise on the natural resources, communities and skills to position the WDC region as a testbed for new social innovation.
  • Establish the WDC region as a Social Innovation Region to attract new investment and create new highly skilled jobs

Map of Social Enteprises

Why is this happening? – A key theme emerging from our research is the need to gather data on social enterprises and understand their economic and social impact. The map will

  • Establish the size, reach and impact of social enterprise in the region
  • Help explain and communicate the work that social enterprises do
  • Inform the design and supports of programmes to help social enterprises in the region
  • Inform policy development in the years ahead.

What will it do? The map will help raise awareness of social enterprises operating within the region and promote the model of social enterprise across communities.

Register your Social Enterprise

To register your Social Enterprise for inclusion on the map we have created a survey to gather your information.

Why take the survey?

  • The survey will ensure your social enterprise is included on the map.
  • This data will be used to demonstrate the size and scale of social enterprise in the region and to create a directory of social enterprises.
  • This data may also be used in an anonymised way to inform government policy to further develop the sector.

Complete Social Enterprise Survey


Finance your Social Enterprise

We support all kinds of projects. From job creation initiatives (including providing enterprise space) to health and wellbeing initiatives which improve the physical environment by providing social and recreational amenities or social care services.

Community/Social Enterprise lending amounts can be a minimum of €25k and a maximum amount of €200k over a maximum of 10 years.  Exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Where the entity is a Social Enterprise with a not-for-profit ethos but is deemed strategic in nature to the Western Region then maximum loan amount will be €1m and over a maximum term of 20 years.

For more information on the Community Loan Fund see here


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