How working together works well

The Policy Analysis team works hard to promote balanced development throughout the region and we strive to highlight how this sort of balance can benefit not only the Western Region, but also Ireland as a whole.

Regions like ours are the drivers of modern economies. All regions have the potential to thrive and to contribute to the national economy but because success breeds success, some regions do better than others. We know that less advantaged regions will benefit if policy is focused on ensuring that they too can reach their potential. During difficult economic times regional policy may not be prioritised and this leads to a waste of talent and opportunity.

We will always fight the Western Region’s corner. We continue to make the case for a coherent approach to policy that harnesses the assets of both rural and urban areas, in all sectors of the economy and society, to enable regions to be the drivers of their own development and, in turn, strengthen the national economy.

Regional development shouldn’t be viewed as an isolated issue: it depends on the interaction between physical capital, natural capital, human capital, the business environment and the institutional framework all working together in a larger ecosystem. The determining factors of regional performance are mutually reinforcing, a cross-sectoral approach to policy formulation and delivery is essential.

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