Land Mass158,885 ha
% of Ireland2.26%
Population Density (2016)20.17 persons per sq km




Human Resource

County Population 201632,044
Population Change (2011-2016)0.8%

Key Centres with Population over 600 (2016)

Carrick-on-Shannon (Leitrim and Roscommon)4,062

Source: CSO Census of Population 2016

Highest level of education completed by persons whose education has ceased (%)

No Formal/Primary(15.7%)
Third Level(37.7%)

Source: CSO Census of Population 2016

Natural Resources

Average Farm Size (2010)25.1 ha
Farming, Fishing & Forestry workers (2016)1,091


Employed (2016)12,728
Employment Change (2011-2016)6.3%
Labour Force Participation Rate (2016)59.3%

Numbers Employed by Sector (2016)

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing1,091 (8.6%)
Industry & Construction2,154 (16.9%)
Services8,810 (69.2%)

Source: CSO Census of Population 2016

Download the 2-page WDC Insights County Leitrim’s Labour Market – Census 2016


Agency Assisted Employment (2017)

Employment in Agency Assisted Irish Owned Companies407
Employment in Agency Assisted Foreign Owned Companies1,041

Source: DBEI, Annual Employment Survey 2017


Local Sustainability

Fertility Rate (2018)*12.2
Domestic Building Energy Rating (BER) % Grade B and above (2018)**8.6%
Avg. Disposable Income per Capita (2016)***€18,738

* Births per year per 1,000 population. Source: CSO Vital Statistics Yearly Summary

** Source: CSO Domestic Buildings Energy Ratings

*** Source: CSO County Incomes and Regional GDP


Tourism (2017)

Number of Overseas Tourists41,000
Revenue Generated by Overseas tourists€18m

Source: Fáilte Ireland, Regional tourism performance in 2017

Enterprise (2017)

Number of Active Enterprises*2,478
Percentage of Micro-Enterprises (10 or fewer employees)^94.7%
Percentage Change in Number of Enterprises (2015-2017)*8.2%

Source: CSO Business Demography 2017

* Total enterprises includes all ‘business economy’ enterprises (NACE Rev 2 B to N(-642)) plus Health & Social Work, Education, Arts/Entertainment/Recreation and Other Services.

^ Data on enterprise size only includes ‘business economy’ enterprises which account for 79% of total enterprises in Leitrim.

Labour Catchments in County Leitrim (2016)*

Download the 2-page county profile of County Leitrim’s Place of Residence and Place of Work, 2011 and 2016

Carrick-on-Shannon labour catchment7,785 (2016),    6,632 (2006)
Manorhamilton labour catchment1,270 (2016),    1,234 (2006)

* The labour catchment of a town is that area from which it draws most of its workforce. These figures are the number of workers living in the catchment areas of these towns.