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Project Description

SPECTRA, which stands for “Stimulating Performance in Creative Territories and Regional Actors,” is a collaborative initiative that brings together partners from four regional ecosystems across Europe. The initiative aims to equip emerging and moderate innovator regions with resilient ecosystems to address challenges in the creative industries, fostering a diverse, gender-responsive, competitive, and sustainable environment.

SPECTRA is designed to harness and multiply the power of individual ecosystem initiatives. It aims to enhance the participation of financiers/investors and women innovators, resulting in more interconnected and resilient ecosystems. The project will encourage the development of joint strategies and amplify collaboration, engaging over 1000 stakeholders through various activities, including workshops, experiments, challenges, huddles, and round-tables.

Project Information

Project Duration: 01.12.2022 - 30.11.2024
Funded By: Horizon Europe
Project Coordinator: Western Development Commission
Partners: Western Development Commission, Creative Enterprise West, INNOBRIDGE, Media Deals, Creative Business Network, Atlantic Technological University, Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Galway Culture Company

Project Actions

  • Regional Assessment of Creative Industries: Conduct a comprehensive study to identify disparities in the development of creative ecosystems across emerging, moderate, and lead innovator regions. This study will serve as a foundation for tailored interventions. 
  • Collaboration and Partnership Building: Establish a robust network of partners, fostering cross-sectorial collaboration and knowledge exchange, and leveraging successful initiatives like Media Deals Investment Network and Creative Business Network. 
  • Tool Development for Emerging and Moderate Innovator Regions: Create and implement tools, methodologies, and strategies that are responsive to the unique needs of each region, promoting sustainable growth in the creative sector. 
  • Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Organize over 30 workshops and roundtables, supporting over 100 start-ups and SMEs, and creating more than 300 new linkages between stakeholders.
SPECTRA partners in a meeting together
SPECTRA partners meet in Galway City

Project Results

  • Comprehensive Regional Reports: Detailed insights into the state of creative industries across participating regions, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for growth, and informing policy and practice. 
  • Strong Collaborative Network: A robust partnership of eight entities representing four regional ecosystems, committed to mutual growth and development, and connected to external stakeholders including financiers and investors. 
  • Innovative Tools and Strategies: A suite of tools and methodologies that will be integrated within the context of policy, economic, and societal frameworks, encouraging maximum output in terms of new linkages, interconnections, joint initiatives, and replication. 
  • Knowledge Repository: A rich database of best practices, success stories, and lessons learned, serving as a valuable resource for any region aiming to boost its creative sector, with a focus on gender-responsive and carbon-reducing innovations. 

Project Funders

Funded by the EU Logo

Project Contacts

The lead project partner for SPECTRA is the Western Development Commission.