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Project Description

VIADUCT (Valorising Public Research to Drive Technology Transfer and Commercialisation through the Creation of Spin-offs) aims to promote the creation and development of technology-based spin-offs. The project focuses on smart specialization strategies and addresses key barriers related to the establishment and growth of spin-offs by enhancing policy instruments.

The project employs an inter-regional cooperation model that includes Europe’s premier association of Knowledge Transfer professionals, ASTP, as an advisory partner. Additionally, the project involves seven partners from seven regions across seven European countries, ensuring a balanced representation of both advanced and less advanced regions.

The project’s inter-regional exchange and learning activities encompass a range of initiatives. These include inter-regional thematic workshops, study visits, regional reports, inter-regional analyses, and regional stakeholder meetings. These activities aim to facilitate the improvement of policy instruments, thereby ensuring a successful process of knowledge transfer via spin-offs. This will aid in both the creation and long-term survival of these spin-offs.

Project Information

Project Duration: 01.03.2023 - 31.05.2027
Funded By: Interreg Europe
Project Coordinator: University of Zaragoza
Partners: Western Development Commission, University of Zaragoza, West Regional Development Agency, SATT Conectus Alsace, Kaunas Science and Technology Park, Public Institution, Municipality of Pieve di Soligo, Council of Tampere Region, ASTP

Project Actions

  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship: Strengthening entrepreneurship in Public Universities and Research Centers.
  • Business Management Skills: Enhancing business management skills among researchers and Ph.D. students.
  • Institutional & Regulatory Frameworks: Creating frameworks to make knowledge transfer via spin-offs more attractive.
  • Financial Support Schemes: Setting up regional financial support schemes for spin-offs.
Romania Viaduct EU Project Partners
Romania Viaduct EU Project Partners

Project Results

The ultimate goal of VIADUCT is to facilitate a successful process of knowledge transfer through spin-offs, aiding their creation and survival. The project will produce a Roadmap Definition to Policy Learning, aimed at improving policy instruments in this domain.

Project Funders

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Project Contacts

The lead project partner for VIADUCT is the University of Zaragoza.

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