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Project Description

GRANDIS — which stands for “Gender Responsive Actions Nutrifying Development, Innovation, and Sustainability” — focuses on promoting the green and digital transition led by female entrepreneurs. This project seeks to address gender disparities within SMEs in the twin-transition sectors of green and digital technologies, aiming to unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs across Europe.

GRANDIS is designed to boost the growth and competitiveness of female-led SMEs by disseminating knowledge, developing gender-inclusive policies, and providing robust support to regional and national authorities. This initiative aligns with the European Union’s ambitious goals towards a climate-neutral economy and is backed by a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

Project Information

Project Information
Project Duration: April 2024 – April 2028
Funded By: Interreg Europe
Total Budget: €1,394,886
Lead Partner: South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency (STRIA)

Project Actions

GRANDIS operates through four interconnected chapters:

  • Analysis and Assessment: Comprehensive analysis of the role of women in twin-transition entrepreneurial environments.
  • Policy Evaluation and Improvement: Identification and evaluation of regional policy measures, followed by the design of integrated policy improvements.
  • Capacity Building: Empowering regional authorities and stakeholders to implement improved policy approaches.
  • Sustainability and Monitoring: Implementation, monitoring, and further expansion of the policy improvements to ensure their sustainability.

Project Results

GRANDIS is committed to:

  • Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Facilitating women’s leadership in green and digital technologies.
  • Developing Support Structures: Establishing gender-inclusive policies and support frameworks.
  • Promoting Innovation: Driving sustainable economic growth through female-led innovation in SMEs.
  • Engagement and Dissemination: Utilizing a suite of communication tools to engage with diverse target groups and disseminate the achievements of the project.

This comprehensive approach ensures that GRANDIS not only supports female entrepreneurs but also contributes significantly to the EU’s Green Deal and Digital Agenda, promoting a balanced and sustainable economic growth across the European regions.

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