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Complete our Survey on the Use of Immersive Technologies in Literary Tourism

We are inviting Community Organisations, SMEs and Businesses in the Cultural, Literary, and Tourism space to participate in this preliminary survey. Our goal is to understand current digital technology usage and attitudes, mapping out needs and readiness for immersive technology integration in business.

Following this survey, a series of workshops will be held to help participants understand and leverage the benefits of immersive digital solutions. Included is an opportunity for a tailored road-map for organisations focusing on immersive and augmented reality solutions for their business.

Participants who have actively participated in our workshops and engaged in software development can then receive ongoing support. This includes maximizing the impact of immersive technologies on visitor engagement and readership, adoption assistance through a hybrid model of online and in-person workshops, and access to a comprehensive online resource library.

The project culminates in an extended reality platform showcasing the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA). This unified platform allows users to immerse themselves in the NPA’s literature, culture, history, landscapes, and societies, powered by advanced AI and inclusive design.

Project Description

N-LiTe, which stands for “Literary Tourism Immersive Technology Acceleration,” aims to leverage technology and foster innovation to generate employment opportunities and drive economic progress within the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) region.

Spearheaded by the Western Development Commission, this project is designed to boost the growth and competitiveness of SMEs in the Literary Tourism sector. With a focus on equipping SMEs with state-of-the-art digital tools and platforms, N-LiTe aims to expand their market presence and enhance the overall customer experience.

By tapping into the potential of immersive technology, N-LiTe offers a modern approach to Literary Tourism, ensuring businesses can reach new audiences and deliver unique experiences. N-LiTe also recognizes the need for sustainable tourism practices and aims to extend the tourism season through innovative digital content.

Project Information

Project Information
Project Duration: 01.07.2023 - 30.06.2026
Funded By: Interreg Northern Periphery and Arctic
Total Budget: €1.499.970 M
ERDF Funding: €812.818
Project Coordinator: Western Development Commission: €493.546,00
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences: €307.671
Regional Council of Kainuu: €250.500
Visit Tórshavn: €117.960
Västerbotten County Council: €198.772
The Nordland Museum: €131.520

Project Actions

The N-LiTe project encompasses a detailed work plan, which includes:

  • Exploration: Determining the current landscape and potential of Literary Tourism in the digital age.
  • Building: Establishing the technological foundation for the next generation of Literary Tourism.
  • Engagement and Dissemination: Raising awareness about N-LiTe’s objectives and milestones.
  • Digital Innovation Toolkit: Providing a comprehensive online resource that shares insights from N-LiTe’s technological implementations.
  • Immersive Technology Platform for LT SMEs: Developing a platform to assist SMEs in integrating immersive technology into their offerings.
  • Sustainability Framework: Crafting a guideline for sustainable development in Literary Tourism.
  • Youth Literary Tourism Support Pilot: Focusing on supporting youth in the Literary Tourism sector, ensuring their voices and perspectives are integrated into N-LiTe’s outcomes.
  • Innovation in Marketing and Organisation: Assisting SMEs in introducing innovative marketing and organisational strategies to stay competitive in the Literary Tourism sector.

Project Results

N-LiTe is committed to delivering impactful results for the Literary Tourism industry:

  • Digital Toolkit: An online resource that compiles the project’s technological insights, guiding businesses in adopting innovative solutions.
  • SME Support: Literary Tourism SMEs will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to integrate immersive technology into their operations. This support will be facilitated through:
    • Hybrid Workshops: SMEs will be supported in the adoption of technologies developed through a series of workshops delivered using a hybrid (online/face-to-face) model.
    • Online Support Materials: A comprehensive bank of support materials will be made available online to assist SMEs in their technological transition.
  • Youth Literary Tourism Support Pilot: N-LiTe will develop pilot actions that focus on supporting youth in the Literary Tourism sector.
  • Innovation in Marketing and Organisation: N-LiTe aims to assist SMEs in introducing marketing or organisational innovation, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in the evolving landscape of Literary Tourism.
  • Solutions Uptake: N-LiTe will promote the uptake or up-scaling of solutions by various organisations, ensuring that the innovations developed are widely adopted and have a lasting impact.

Project Funders

Project Contacts

The lead project partner for N-LiTe is the Western Development Commission.



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