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Project Description

REWARD, which stands for “Retaining and Attracting Knowledge Workers for Regional Development,” is an initiative aimed at enhancing the implementation of regional development policies. The project specifically targets the retention and attraction of knowledge workers to foster regional growth and development.

Spearheaded by Savonlinna Development Services from Finland, REWARD brings together a diverse consortium of partners from across Europe, including transition and less developed regions. The project focuses on improving interventions that enhance the quality of life, adapting to new forms of work, and fostering regional attractiveness to support knowledge-driven economies.

Project Information

Project Information
Project Duration: April 2024 – June 2028
Funded By: Interreg Europe
Total Budget: €2,197,465
Lead Partner: Savonlinna Development Services

Project Actions

REWARD is structured into several key actions:

  • University-Industry Collaboration: Enhancing the effectiveness of collaboration between universities and industries to retain graduates and skilled workers.
  • Entrepreneurship Support: Increasing business support to create new job opportunities within the economy.
  • Quality of Life and Regional Attractiveness: Implementing interventions that enhance the living conditions and attractiveness of regions.
  • Adaptation to New Forms of Work: Addressing the needs of digital nomads, remote workers, and second homeowners to integrate into regional economies.

Project Results

REWARD aims to deliver significant impacts across involved regions by:

  • Enhancing Regional Policies: Improving policy instruments related to smart specialisation, industrial transition, and entrepreneurship.
  • Disseminating Good Practices: Identifying and sharing effective practices among regional policy actors to foster an environment conducive to attracting and retaining skilled workers.
  • Supporting Economic Growth: Contributing to the sustainable economic development of European regions by enhancing their capacity to retain and attract essential human capital.

This comprehensive approach ensures that REWARD contributes positively to the EU Cohesion policy by supporting economic growth, sustainable development, and reducing regional disparities.

Project Funders

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Project Contacts

The lead project partner for REWARD is the Savonlinna Development Services