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Project Description

embrAIsme, which stands for “Improving conditions and policies for SMEs to embrace AI,” aims to leverage technology and foster innovation to generate employment opportunities and drive economic progress within the partner countries. Implemented in the framework of the Interreg Europe programme 2021-2027 and co-financed by the European Union, this project is designed to encourage the uptake of AI by SMEs regardless of their location, size, and sector.

Spearheaded by Austria Wirtschaftsservice, embrAIsme focuses on raising awareness of AI, increasing data readiness, investing in human capital and skills, facilitating access to finance, fostering networking and cooperation, and strengthening the governance of AI/SME policies. By addressing these key areas, embrAIsme aims to overcome the barriers SMEs face in adopting AI and ensure they can leverage AI to drive digitalisation and competitiveness.

Project Information

Project Information
Project Duration: 01.04.2024 - 30.06.2028
Funded By: Interreg Europe
Total Budget: €2,302,690
Project Coordinator: Austria Wirtschaftsservice

Project Actions

The embrAIsme project encompasses a detailed work plan, which includes:

  • Awareness Raising: Increasing awareness of AI and improving data readiness among SMEs.
  • Human Capital and Skills Investment: Enhancing human capital and skills to support AI adoption.
  • Access to Finance: Facilitating access to finance for SMEs to implement AI technologies.
  • Networking and Cooperation: Fostering networking and cooperation among SMEs and stakeholders.
  • Governance Strengthening: Strengthening the governance of AI/SME policies.
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations: Addressing legal and ethical issues related to AI adoption.
  • Interregional Learning and Good Practices: Investigating and improving the AI policy area through interregional learning, good practices collection, transfer, study visits, and policy learning events.

Project Results

embrAIsme is committed to delivering impactful results for the AI adoption by SMEs:

  • Increased AI Awareness and Data Readiness: SMEs will have a better understanding of AI and be more prepared to utilise data effectively.
  • Enhanced Human Capital and Skills: SMEs will benefit from increased investment in human capital and skills, enabling them to adopt AI technologies more effectively.
  • Improved Access to Finance: SMEs will have better access to financial resources needed to implement AI solutions.
  • Strengthened Networks and Cooperation: Enhanced networking and cooperation among SMEs and stakeholders will drive collaborative innovation.
  • Robust AI/SME Governance: Improved governance frameworks will support sustainable and effective AI adoption by SMEs.
  • Ethical and Legal Frameworks: SMEs will have guidance on legal and ethical considerations to ensure responsible AI implementation.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Through policy learning events and good practices discussions, SMEs will gain valuable insights and strategies for AI adoption.

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