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Hailing proudly from County Offaly, journalist and iRadio presenter, Tara McCormack – who has been working in the hustle and bustle of the media industry for the past 13 years – has found her new home in Killbegs, Donegal. She says she feels like she’s struck gold saying “life has rewarded me with the most incredible location and lifestyle”.

Read her story below.

Tara McCormack Donegal

One October weekend in 2022 changed everything. On the 7th October 2022, Tara received her second gold IMRO radio award for Sports Program of the Year on iRadio, and on the 9th Ocotober Tara met her reason to move to Donegal, her partner John Doherty a singer-songwriter, and a proud Donegal man at the “iLoveIrish” event.

Tara now calls Killybegs home where she works remotely as a journalist for RSVP magazine and presents “iLoveIrish” show on iRadio at the weekends. She also just recently launched her own small business venture called “Settle Petal”, an online coaching service dedicated to helping people boost their self-confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to tackle daily tasks and important life moments. Specialising in public speaking and confidence coaching, her mission is to provide personalised, actionable guidance and support to enable personal growth in areas that people may be struggling with.

Tara on Fintra Beach
Tara works as a journalist for RSVP Magazine
Tara taking in the sights on Slieve League
Out for a hike
Tara runs a Coaching Business called Settle Petal
Tara winning an award at the IMROS for her sports program of the year

Donegal is my digital oasis where work meets wanderlust in perfect harmony.

“Donegal is my digital oasis where work meets wanderlust in perfect harmony. While I’m tapping on my keyboard and connecting with people online, I’m also soaking in the serene beauty of Donegal’s landscapes, enjoying the solitude of its beaches, and savouring the culinary delights”.

When she craves a bit of buzz, Donegal town is right there, just a skip away and Letterkenny is just a little further to enjoy a little hustle and bustle when needs be.

Fintra beach is Tara’s personal slice of paradise located just five minutes from her doorstep. Despite initially fretting about making friends and finding hobbies when she moved to Killybegs, Tara reflects on her experience of being embraced by the Killybegs community “I can honestly say, I’ve now got a social calendar fuller than ever before. I have never experienced a community like it and have been welcomed with open arms”.

Some of the most cherished moments Tara has experienced here in Donegal involve exploring the countless scenic trails and hiking paths in the area.

Tara believes it’s bittersweet watching people her age say goodbye to the Emerald Isle, but she says “Here I am, counting my lucky stars. The grass might seem greener elsewhere, but when I look outside at those misty hills, I can’t help but feel like I’ve struck gold right here at home”.

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