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Motion 2023: The Premier Gathering for Visionary Founders, Investors, and Technologists Shaping the Evolution of Transportation. Discover Innovations Shaping the Movement of People and Goods, Connect with Industry Leaders, and Explore Ground-breaking Technologies.

The highly anticipated Motion 2023 event is set to revolutionise the way we envision mobility. As a pinnacle in-person experience for Mobility and Transport professionals, Motion by Electronomous will bring together pioneering founders, visionary investors, and trailblazing technologists who are collectively shaping the trajectory of transportation.

Motion by Electronomous

Distinguished attendees will have the opportunity to interface with start-ups, investors, and esteemed global solutions providers, including industry giants such as ZF, Jaguar Land Rover, OXA (the self-driving software powerhouse), UK-based TRL (a subsidiary of the Transport Research Foundation), Zooz, VIA, and the Volkswagen-backed MOIA rideshare company, among a myriad of others. In particular, the event will delve into the realm of Advanced Air Mobility, featuring insights from key players like Manna and Sprite, as well as an illuminating discussion on regulatory strategies by the forward-looking Irish Aviation Authority.

Start-ups and investors are in for a unique treat, as the event will offer a dedicated main stage pitch session in collaboration with esteemed partners such as BVP, Resolve Partners/Accelerate Green (supported by LK SHIELDS for 2023). This exclusive platform provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with the FMCI team, its global partners, and to glean insights into the latest innovations propelling the future of mobility.

The comprehensive event program is an amalgamation of demo sessions, thought-provoking panel discussions, enlightening keynotes, immersive workshops, and collaborative roundtable dialogues encompassing an array of themes: from Shared Mobility and Advanced Air Mobility & Logistics, to Electrification, Fleets & Battery Technology, and Collaborative Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Furthermore, culminating the event on a high note, The Western Development Commission will orchestrate an evening social summit right within the event space. This special gathering will follow the final on-stage discourse of the evening, providing attendees with a valuable platform to foster connections, engage in networking, and delve into potential business prospects within the dynamic landscape of the west of Ireland.

Allan Mulrooney, CEO, Western Development Commission, said:

This event highlights our commitment to positioning the West of Ireland at the forefront of technological advancement. Our team understands the importance of investing in research, exploring new concepts, and refining them for optimal outcomes. The realm of future mobility aligns well with our goals, as we work to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and enhance urban liveability, even with a growing population. Innovation is central to WDC's mission, and this event provides a vital platform for us to further strengthen the region's position in pioneering technologies. This event not only leverages FMCI’s expertise but also presents an opportunity for the region to cultivate an ecosystem that supports and amplifies smart mobility and related sectors as we step into the future.

Motion 2023 Mobility Conference

Russell Vickers, CEO at Future Mobility Campus Ireland, expressed his enthusiasm:

The privilege to host Motion 2023 in Shannon in partnership with Electronomous is truly an honour. This year's lineup encapsulates an exquisite cross-section of topics that resonate deeply with our esteemed partners, customers, and collaborators. Motion 2023 transcends being a mere congregation of mobility aficionados; it is a gateway into the forthcoming realm of transportation – an arena where innovation and sustainability seamlessly meld to forge an era of boundless possibilities.

Participants will engage with influential figures hailing from both public and private sectors, fostering networking opportunities, lead generation, and interactions with vanguard industry entities.
Motion 2023 serves as a captivating platform for organizations to launch or exhibit their ground-breaking products and services, positioning themselves on the forefront of future mobility and smart city technologies.

In anticipation of the event, a spokesperson for Motion by Electronomous enthused, “Motion 2023 stands as an indispensable event for all those captivated by the trajectory of mobility. We eagerly anticipate the convergence of luminary professionals in the field, who will collectively dissect the most recent technological advancements and collectively chart a new trajectory for the movement of people and goods.”

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