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The Western Development Commission has identified Immersive Technology and Renewable Offshore Electricity Generation as key areas where the West of Ireland can create a global competitive advantage. To achieve this, we have been working closely with the Regional Enterprise Plans for the West, North West and Midwest, and other partners to orchestrate projects that will help develop this sector and create a pipeline of potential investments for the region.

WDC welcome the announcement that Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board (MSLETB) has been awarded funding, through the SOLAS “Skills to Advance: Innovation through Collaboration” Call for Proposals 2021, to research and develop Immersive Technology (ImTech) Training and Resources for the renewable wind energy sector using immersive technology enhanced-learning tools.

MSLETB, in collaboration with the Western Development Commission (WDC), Limerick Clare Education and Training Board (LCETB), Immersive Technologies Skillnet, Regional Enterprise Programme Managers in the West, North-West and Mid-West, Eirmersive, and Fastrack to Information Technology (FIT) developed the proposal submitted to SOLAS for this innovation funding. SOLAS awarded MSLETB over €500k to develop “Training for the Deployment of Immersive Technologies” in the Renewable Energy sector with a particular emphasis on the onshore and offshore renewable energy sectors.

Roger Sweetman, Head of Sustainable Enterprise at Western Development Commission said

I am delighted that the WDC is involved in this project. Working with MSLETB, the Regional Enterprise Plans and our industry partners, we will help develop and embed the skills necessary to take advantage of our unrivalled renewable energy resources. The West is already a leader in creative arts and creative technologies, and it is exciting that we be able to deploy these skills in an emerging industry, helping to create a sustainable future for the region.

This project – “Immersive Technology Skills” (ImTech Skills) – aims to develop a strategic approach, in collaboration with stakeholders and businesses, to support the development of ImTech Training specifically for the Renewable Wind Energy sector. One target of this project is to create fresh opportunities for training and upskilling the existing workforce using high-quality enhanced-learning skills embedded into state-of-the-art Virtual Reality imaging tools.

The initial focus will be on the training requirements for Wind Turbine Engineers enabling them to work in both onshore and offshore environments. The ImTech Training developed will have applicability across other renewable energy disciplines and technologies as well as the potential for deployment across other industries and sectors in the future.

A Project Manager has been appointed and a Steering Group has been convened to provide support, guidance, advice and feedback to the Project Manager. The Steering Group is comprised of Senior Representatives from the partners who first collaborated in the successful submission to SOLAS for funding for this project.

Companies and Organisations operating in the Wind Energy Sector seeking further information or who are interested in participating in this project are invited to contact the Project Manager at  or on 085 127 2432