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Today the Western Development Commission and the Department of Community and Rural Development have launched their National Hubs Network Survey.

This survey is an opportunity for hubs around the country to engage with the governments National Hubs Network initiative. The data gathered by this survey will form the first national registry of hubs, which will allow Ireland’s hubs to be viewed, not just as stand-alone entities, but as a significant piece of collective infrastructure that can help to drive economic recovery and regeneration for communities throughout Ireland.

This project builds on the work of the Atlantic Economic Corridor Hubs initiative which The Western Development Commission and the AEC officer network have been working on for 18 months.



The development of a shared network of hubs, based on this registry, presents significant opportunities for both rural and urban communities to transform the way they live and work. This network of hubs provides a valuable solution for employers and employees seeking to adopt remote working arrangements. For employers, hubs offer the chance to have their employees working closer to home but still within an office environment. For employees, hubs offer the benefits of a reduced commute, access to office facilities, and reduce the risk of isolation or loneliness.

This network of high-quality hubs equipped with high-speed broadband and modern office facilities will provide a solution for those who are often required to travel around the country for work and aids the transition of employees moving from a fixed to a blended workplace model. The National Hub Network initiative will also support the development of a dynamic and creative community, supported by online services that will allow workers from different firms to mix, build relationships and exchange knowledge and best practices.

The National Hub Network will have a transformative impact on local economies and communities and can help to drive a more equal distribution of high-value knowledge economy roles throughout the country. With hubs in cities, towns, villages and townlands across the country the network will facilitate many to work where they want to, increasing regional employment and lowering transport emissions. It will also help to drive our collective understanding of ‘remote working’ in a post-Covid19 Ireland as something that happens not just in the home, but in the heart of thriving local communities.

The Western Development Commission and the Department of Community and Rural Affairs are now planning to roll out this National Hubs Network. By completing this survey, you will ensure that your hub is part of Irelands post pandemic digital recovery. By engaging with this process, you will be kept up to date on funding, timelines, onboarding, marketing campaigns and other important information.


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