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In this second episode of the Western Development Commission’s new podcast ‘Pulse of The West’, WDC CEO Tomás Ó Síocháin discusses how the Covid19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work.

He is joined by guests:

  • Mary Rodgers
    Portershed Galway and CEO, Galway Innovation District
  • Shane Grant
    Director Facilities & Real Estates, Pramerica, Letterkenny
  • Luke Saunders
    CEO and co-founder of

In episode one called ‘The Remote Reset’, we discussed the changing patterns of work in the months following the March lockdown.

In this episode, Tomas and his guests debate ‘The Remote Possibility’ – asking what are the challenges and future opportunities offered by remote working? They also look to the future to see what ‘the new normal’ looks like and to see how, not if, remote working has become an established part of Irish life.

Mary Rogers
Luke-Saunders, CEO and co-founder of
Luke-Saunders, CEO and co-founder of

Now that people are over the novelty factor of things like Zoom calls and finding a suitable space from which to work from home or a hub that they can operate out of, the podcast discusses the future of work and the growth in the numbers of people seeking new ways of living.

More and people are realising that there is more to life and that can be seen in the upsurge of people making inquiries about property in the west of Ireland and career opportunities in western counties.

We hope you enjoy Pulse Of The West. You can listen to it on our podcast page or you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts.