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Remote Working National Survey Report May 2020 final

In conjunction with NUI Galway

The COVID-19 crisis catapulted hundreds of thousands of employees and their employers into a work pattern and routine vastly different to their normal daily work experience. This radical change happened suddenly and for the vast majority the change effectively occurred overnight.

Some key points

  • Just over half of respondents (51%) never worked remotely before the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The majority of respondents somewhat disagreed or strongly disagreed that their organisation is providing them with ergonomic and health & safety advice for working remotely.
  • In terms of location, for those who would like to work remotely after the crisis is over, 51% would like to work from home; 36% would like to work a mix of home/hub or worksharing space and onsite; 11% would like to work in a mix of home and hub/worksharing space; and 2% would like to work solely in a hub/work-sharing space.

While some employees have experience of remote working, many find themselves working remotely having had little time to plan, negotiate, organise and set-up remote working in conjunction with their employer and manager. NUI Galway and the Western Development Commission (WDC) undertook a national survey in Ireland to gather data on employees’ experiences of remote working in these unprecedented times.