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Making the Transition to a Low Carbon Society in the Western Region – Key issues for rural dwellers

The study examines what will be necessary to facilitate a transition to a Low Carbon Society in the Western Region.  The focus is on three key areas of energy use: buildings, transport and electricity.  It brings together available data to give us a better understanding of the scale of the challenge and the issues to be addressed to reduce emissions, and highlights some of the opportunities this may bring.   As the Western Region is predominantly rural, the issues for rural dwellers are given particular consideration.

Four publications are available:

Summary with key points and recommendations (12 pages, PDF 0.4 MB)

Summary Report

A background report with more data and discussion (70 pages, PDF 1.9MB)

Background Report

The main report (64 pages, PDF 2.1 MB)

Main Report

An infographic (1 page, PDF 0.9MB)