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Renewable Energy: An Opportunity for a Just Transition to Net Zero on the Atlantic Coast

The Western Development Commission (WDC) is a statutory body established in 1997. Its remit includes advising the Government on matters that may impact the region and promoting Government Policy that will contribute to or directly improve social and economic standards in the region. This remit now allows the WDC to ensure that the West of Ireland is positioned to capitalise on the renewable energy opportunity presented by a succession of European Union (EU) climate action and decarbonisation targets from now out to 2050. The WDC commissioned this report with the West, North-West, and Mid-West Regional Enterprise Plans to respond to the Eirgrid Consultation “Shaping Our Electricity Future” and identify cross-regional objectives to foster the renewable energy sector in the west of Ireland. The geographical scope of this report is the Atlantic Economic Corridor region stretching from Donegal to Kerry.


Research Areas: