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The Policy Analysis team looks at the long-term trends, challenges and solutions that can affect or improve the quality of life in our region. Using data from local, regional, national and EU and international sources we inform and engage to ensure that the voice of the Western Region is heard. We want everyone to see and understand the things that make our region unique and to ensure that these things are considered when policies are being formulated and decisions are being made.

We work closely with public and private stakeholders and consider national and international approaches in informing the decisions and policy choices that impact on peoples’ lives. We bring a regional perspective, using primary qualitative and quantitative research while analysing data and issues relevant to the social and economic development of the Western Region.

The Policy Analysis team looks at areas such as:
Balanced Regional Development
Broadband & Telecommunications
Employment & Labour
Low Carbon & Environment
Regional Statistics
Remote Work
Rural Development
Transport Accessibility

We write and publish on topics relevant to development in the West, through in-depth analysis of significant issues and on-going public engagement via blogs, conferences, briefings and advocacy. We encourage and get involved in discussion and analysis of key regional policy issues as well as making specific policy recommendations.

Policy Publications

Letterkenny IT is on track to become a University in the next two years
Letterkenny IT is on track to become a University in the next two years