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“Na Forbacha is a great community, near the sea and near the bog with many beautiful walks on our doorstep,” says entrepreneur, Triona MacGiollaRí who moved to the small Gaeltacht village in Galway with her husband in 1994.

“Living here has given me the ability to achieve the balance needed to rear my family, meet friends and family and connect with nature while working hard.”

Two years after the move, Triona set up Aró Digital Strategy– a global hospitality and web servicing partner that provides hotels and brands with a roadmap to grow direct online bookings – with her husband Alan. Aró Digital Strategy has worked with a number of luxurious hotels and resorts, including Song Saa in Cambodia, Grantley Hall in England and Hayfield Manor in Cork.

Aró Digital Strategy has a sales office based in Mayfair in London, but Triona works from Head Office in Na Forbacha, 10km west of Galway City and enjoys the country lifestyle.

Na Forbacha is a beautiful place on the shores of Galway Bay. I often take a lunchtime walk with Charlie, our Red Setter, along the shore to the beach and get back to my desk energised and invigorated by the fresh Atlantic breeze.

“The quality of life here is excellent. My children all went to the local primary school, which is just a five minute walk from our house and my husband and I were able to run the business and also be around for important family events.”

As Director of Operations, HR & Finance with Aró Digital Strategy, Triona strives to stay focussed on the big picture. “My aim is to keep Aró competitive, relevant and client focussed. I enable our team to have what they need to achieve goals, collaborate, solve problems, grow their skillsets, and share knowledge. My work varies and right now I am strongly focussed on growing R&D capacity and outreach as well as on technology improvements to optimise remote working.”

Triona Mac GiollaRi

From Dublin originally, Triona moved to Galway City as a young child, but returned to Dublin in the 80’s and later spent two years working in the UK before deciding to return home and set up a Desk Top Publishing office in Galway City.

“Alan and I moved back to Galway in 1991 and immediately felt an improvement to our work life balance. We can enjoy the country air and lots of space, but we’re still near the city, my parents and some siblings. Also, Shannon and Dublin airports are accessible and beautiful places like Roundstone, Clifden and Connemara are all just a short drive.

“Rural entrepreneurship is extremely important and should be supported as much as possible. Access and funding for training and mentorship programs (like which I am involved in as a volunteer) are beneficial for enabling connection, communication and support amongst businesses in the community. Remote working is now a very realistic option for most people, and it is now a great time to give Rural Development serious attention.”

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