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This new handbook offers best-in-class governance guidance intended to support the boards, staff and volunteers of the several hundred centres and hubs across the Network.

The Community Enterprise Association Ireland (CEAI) and the Western Development Commission’s Connected Hubs team today launched the first Guidance Handbook for Good Governance, intended to strengthen and bolster the governance integrity and oversight of centres and hubs across the Network.

View the report here.

CEAI and Connected Hubs have long recognised the necessity of establishing a strong governance framework to ensure long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the Network throughout Ireland.

The Handbook encompasses essential elements such as ethical guidelines, operational protocols, decision-making processes, and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation. It also aims to provide a strong governance foundation for centres and hubs to operate with integrity, facilitate effective collaboration, and maximise their impact on communities.

Siobhán Finn, CEO of CEAI commented:

I very much welcome the release of the Guidance Handbook for Good Governance which will support our community enterprise centres and enterprise hubs within the Network in their drive towards excellence and sustainability while fostering an environment of trust, cooperation, and shared learning across the wider Hub Network.

Finn continued: “By providing our members with a comprehensive set of best practices, guidelines, and tools, we aim to strengthen the boards and leadership of our CLG community, offering assurance that they can navigate the complexities of service offerings and strategic delivery with confidence and integrity. Together, we can forge a path towards effective governance, robust decision-making, and long-term success. We aim to positively shape a future where ethical leadership and sound management principles define the new standard of performance excellence for our community. We are particularly delighted to have worked with the Connected Hubs team on this occasion to deliver this Handbook and we look forward to future opportunities for working together to deliver on the forthcoming National Hub Strategy”.


Stephen Carolan, National Hub Network Programme Manager, said: “This guidance handbook will help to ensure that current and future hub development is undertaken with a clear understanding of the governance requirements involved in developing and running hubs today. One of the core tenants of the Connected Hubs programme is to facilitate knowledge sharing and best practice across the Network. This handbook is an example of how a challenging area can be addressed in a way that provides ease of understanding for decision makers involved in the hub sector. The National Hub Network is being viewed as an international exemplar in the future of work arena, and it is essential that it continues to be underpinned by strong governance structures. Connected Hubs and CEAI will be key drivers of the forthcoming National Hub Strategy, and so early collaboration on this project has been a really beneficial experience for both organisations.”

The decision to develop this handbook came about under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which exists between both organisations.  CEAI and Connected Hubs anticipate that the launch of this Handbook will not only enhance the reputation of the National Hub Network but also help attract additional stakeholders, investors, and partners who share the common vision of promoting sustainable community development.  By combining insights and expertise, CEAI and Connected Hubs show their continuous commitment to driving the success and long-term sustainability of Ireland’s National Hub Network.

Image of front cover of Guidance Handbook for Good Governance.